My baby was born with 5 mouth ties resulting in a horrendous start to breastfeeding. I struggled with extreme pain, mastitis, over production, blisters and the list goes on and on. I worked with an LC prior and looking back I needed to find someone who had experience with my baby’s specific issues. Three painstaking months of breastfeeding and I was literally days from quitting. My baby’s tongue tie specialist was kind enough to recommend Jessica and as my last attempt before throwing in the towel, I contacted her. I was desperate, hopeless and was sure I was going to have to quit. But Jessica came to the rescue. She came out farther than her normal travel, on a day she didn’t do travel appointments, on a week she was already completely booked. Again, just amazing. Once she saw us, she helped us with very practical steps and recommended some follow up care that we needed for my baby’s ties. My goal before baby was born was just six months of breastfeeding but after birth, I felt that was going to be impossible. After following Jessica’s advice and help, breastfeeding for a year or more seems like no problem! My heart goes out to all the mamas that are struggling to find formula which could easily have been us. But thank the Lord for Jessica, because of her help I can exclusively breastfeed my baby. She equipped us to successfully continue our breastfeeding journey and I am forever grateful. If you or a friend needs an IBCLC, please do not hesitate to contact her, you will not regret it!