Jessica was such an integral part of my breastfeeding journey. Without her, I 100% believe there would not have been a breastfeeding journey for us. When we started, I was in intense pain and worst of all, my daughter was unable to breastfeed and get the milk she needed.  At our first appointment, my daughter could not even latch to do a weighted feed. Jessica looked at her mouth and noticed a few things, gave us some options and tools, and referred us to an amazing pediatric dentist. My daughter had severe oral ties and Jessica went through each step in the decision making process with us. Jessica helped me with all things breastfeeding, bottle feeding, understanding how to get my supply up, how to properly use a pump, latching and so much more.  My daughter is now latching, I have little to no pain, I don’t have to use nipple shields, and my daughter is growing! Jessica, thank you for your direction and support. It was a game changer!