Breastfeeding baby #2 has, by far, been easier but has still come with its own set of challenges. Jessica is a HUGE part of my breastfeeding success story with my oldest, so I reached out to her again for help. Yet again, she has helped me TREMENDOUSLY and baby boy and I doing so well now. I’m a pediatric nurse practitioner and a lot of times I feel like I should know the answers to my questions, but when it’s your own child, all your knowledge seems to disappear from your brain. If you’re a HCP you know exactly what I mean. Jessica is so compassionate and never makes me feel dumb for not knowing the answers based on my education and training. I went in to this breastfeeding journey with far more confidence than I had with my first, because of Jessica’s help, and have gained even more confidence and knowledge this time around. So thankful for her help!