As a pediatric nurse practitioner, I’ve counseled and educated lots of mama’s on breastfeeding, even before I became a mama myself. The thing is, no one tells you how HARD breastfeeding actually is. You always wonder if you’re doing something wrong, questioning everything. Because of my education and experience, I knew all the right answers, but when it came to my own baby, I felt like a total dumb-dumb.
I asked the same questions a million times, and she always answered them so gently and patiently. My LO had a severe tongue tie that was clipped in the hospital, but we still had lots of latching issues. Jessica helped me through those, allowing me to send pictures and videos. She also counseled me through issues with fast let down, oversupply, vasospasms (ouch!), and pumping…not to mention the emotional roller coaster that is breastfeeding.
I was able to breastfeed for 12 months. And a HUGE part of my success is because of help from Jessica. She is so knowledgeable, patient, encouraging and compassionate, and I am so incredibly thankful for her support and help during my first breastfeeding journey.