I truly don’t know if I would still be breastfeeding my little one today without the help and support of Jessica during the first 2 months postpartum. I initially met with Jessica as a first time mom overwhelmed by breastfeeding. She helped guide me with tips on latching and general information on breastfeeding that I wasn’t aware of. Jessica was able to identify that my baby had lip, cheek, and tongue ties and pointed me in the right direction to have them revised. My favorite part about working with Jessica was her support along the way. She truly felt like a friend, and was such an amazing support person during those crazy postpartum months! She also had a very holistic approach to breastfeeding which I really appreciated. Instead of sending me straight to a dentist for a revision, she recommended chiropractor care and body work – both of which helped my baby and breastfeeding journey tremendously. We are now on month four of exclusively breastfeeding and I couldn’t have done it with out Jessica!